BRD - Official Dragon Boat Ladies Sublimated Racer Back 'Paddler Plus'* Singlet


Brisbane River Dragons - Official Outrigger Canoe Racing Ladies Sublimated Race Singlet.

100% Cool-dry Polyester, Fully Sublimated Racer Back 'Paddler Plus' Singlet. BRD, logo with BRD Logo/Graphic on the front and back.

*Paddler Plus(TM) - Team Elite has developed it's own range of 'paddler specific' sizing for ladies racer back singlets. Accounting for paddlers enhanced upper body and torso profile, the Paddler Plus Racer Backs are a broader cut singlet, of the same length as our regular racer back singlets (which are a long slender cut - ideal for swimmers, runners etc.) See sizing specifications as below.

Please note, initial singlets supplied to the club in early 2017 were not paddler plus and would be a slimmer fit than the new paddler Plus fit, though the same length.

We are taking orders for these up until 30th September and the singlets will be available about one month from then. We will hold a small stock going on, but to confirm having a singlet - order now.

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